Citation Style Guides for Any Resource

CiteChimp offers comprehensive guidelines of all the major citation styles. Our guides are straightforward and easy to use, with clear examples and downloadable content.

All the Guidelines in One Place

Our website includes all the essential information about citation styles that every student needs.

Instead of writing an extensive guide that’s difficult to navigate, we’ve decided to separate and categorize our content to make it easier and more comfortable for students to use.

For starters, CiteChimp has general recommendations for every major citation style included on the website: APA, Chicago, CSE, Harvard, MLA, and Vancouver. These guides contain core requirements and examples of how papers should look according to each particular style.

For each citation style mentioned, there are separate instructions on how to cite particular resources. These include books, journals (print and electronic), web sources, and many others. All the content on the website is interconnected, so you can quickly jump from one citation style to another, as well as browse recommendations for individual resources.

Our team is also hard at work to bring you our revolutionary Citation Style Generator. This tool will make implementing particular styles even easier!

But for now, you can check out our guides below!

More than Just Instructions

Let’s be honest, usually, just browsing through the guide to a particular citation style is not nearly enough to learn how to apply it to your paper correctly. That’s the problem with the majority of online guides.

At CiteChimp, we decided to go a couple of steps further.

All of our citation style guides include color-coded examples. This way, it’s easy to understand which component goes where. Not only that, but every sample is accompanied by a downloadable document, so you can use it as a template and quickly put citations in their proper place.

The same is true for our general citation style guidelines. You can download every example you see on the website. This will give you the chance to experiment with using a citation style in your work instead of just reading through the instructions.

Stay tuned for the launch of our Citation Style Generator!